The new netidee Call is on!

With a total volume of one million euros, netidee, the funding program of the Internet Stiftung, supports projects and university theses on the topic of the internet.

Innovative internet projects are funded with up to 50,000 euros and theses at Austrian universities with up to 10,000 euros. All project results are published under open source or Creative Commons licenses to ensure their use and further development. In this way, the entire internet community benefits.

In addition to the Martin-Prager Integration Prize, a special prize of 3,000 euros will be awarded this year for projects on "Data Understanding", demonstrating the ability to collect, manage, evaluate, adapt and present data. In our digitalized world, the amount of available data is growing exponentially and inexorably. netidee, therefore, is looking for creative approaches, technical solutions, and applications to promote the understanding of data.

Application via the online-tool is open until July 26, 2021.

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