netidee SCIENCE: Monika Henzinger won Wittgenstein Award

Computer scientist Monika Henzinger, whose research on algorithms is funded by the Internet Stiftung's funding program netidee, has won Austria's largest monetary research award.

The Wittgenstein Award is targeted at outstanding researchers from Austrian research organizations who have gained international recognition in their field. With over 200 scientific publications and more than 80 patents, Monika Henzinger has made pioneering contributions to the field of computer science. The funding of a maximum of 1.5 million euros will now give her the opportunity to expand her outstanding scientific achievements.

Currently, Monika Henzinger is conducting basic research on the promotion of the Internet in Austria in the project "Fast Algorithms for a Reactive Network Layer". For this, she received funding last fall from netidee SCIENCE, a category of the Internet Stiftungs's funding program. 

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