netidee SCIENCE: Call 7 launched!

In cooperation with the Internet Foundation, the Austrian Science Fund FWF awards funding to an excellent project on Internet research.

The "netidee SCIENCE" funding aims to strengthen independent basic research at Austria's universities and non-university research institutions on the opportunities and challenges of the Internet and related innovations. For this reason, the Internet Foundation finances the "netidee SCIENCE" sponsorship award for excellent Internet research with up to 400,000 euros.

Funding is provided for forward-looking research projects that advance scientific knowledge in the field of the Internet, the underlying technologies and methods, and related social aspects. These include, for example, projects on basic technologies, the Internet of Things, information security, data protection, and research into communication systems, social networks, and new forms of digital communication and their social impact. The focus of the "netidee SCIENCE" funding award is not on technology alone, but also on the economic, social and political aspects of the Internet.

The call for proposals begins on November 28, 2022 and ends on April 10, 2023.

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