netidee grants 2022 awarded!

Grants amounting to 640,000 euros were awarded for innovative Internet projects and scholarships in the netidee Call 17, the Internet Foundation's funding campaign.

From 88 submissions, the jury of the funding campaign had selected 13 projects and 7 students, who will receive a total of 640,000 euros to promote the Internet in Austria. The funded projects deal with topics such as teaching girls and young women about the Internet and IT, protecting consumers from fake stores on the Internet, password security and encryption, the development of open-source switch-hardware for high-speed backbone networks, and interoperable emergency call solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The students are looking at neural networks for developing counter-speech to hate speech on the web, demand response practices in converging infrastructures, developing an energy-efficient IoT, and automated diagnosis of software bugs, among other topics.

The project "DaTra" at the University of Vienna received the special prize for “Digital Self-Awareness”. In this project, a web platform is being created with the help of which digital traces about oneself can be investigated on the web. These data traces are presented in a clear manner and, in addition, easy-to-implement suggestions for improving privacy settings in various services are given.

The Martin-Prager Integration Prize was awarded to the project "GeSo", which is being implemented by a team from the fields of health promotion, social work, software engineering and data science. The aim of the project is to create a low-threshold digital guide through the health and social system. An interactive, smart website is used to provide information based on demand. This will enable equal participation in the health and social system, especially for people with visual impairments, low information literacy, a different first language or origin, and older people.

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